Affiliate Disclosure

In accordance with the FTC’s guidelines for affiliate disclosure, I would like to be transparent about my recommendations for products or services on this site.

Some of the links on this site will be affiliate links. Without any extra cost to you, I may receive a commission if you end up purchasing a product or service through my recommendation. This provides me some compensation for the content I provide.

If you would like to avoid the possibility that I receive any commission, you can search for the product or service on your own and go directly to the source website.

My Promise

I will always be honest in my experience using or recommending a product or service.

If I don’t have personal experience, I will state that. I will only recommend services I have used and actually recommend, though I may use affiliate links for products or services which I have not used.

How do Affiliates Get Paid?

Any income I receive depends on the commission decided by the merchants when they form an affiliation.

The most widely used form of commission is the Commission per sale, also known as CPS. Depending upon the competitive nature of the market, the rate of commission varies.

The affiliate market is not a fast path to wealth; it requires a years of dedication and hard work in order to make affiliate marketing a primary income source.

What Happens When I Visit an Affiliate Website?

When you click the affiliate website’s link, you will be directed to the merchant’s official website. The results will be the same whether you open the merchant’s website via the affiliate link or directly open it.

There will be no difference in the costs of the products or services whether you visited the website directly or through the affiliate link.

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