Facebook Side Hustle Course Review – Good and Bad

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If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money online, you’ve probably seen those lists of like a hundred side hustle ideas.

I don’t know about you, but a list that long overwhelms me before I’ve even started. I’m more likely to do nothing at all. I prefer focused, clear steps to learn a skill and start earning more.

The Facebook Side Hustle was built with one goal in mind: give you everything you need to know to start making an extra $1,000 or more monthly.

I’m currently in the course. I’m a member of the private Facebook group. And I want to share the benefits and my challenges with the FB Side Hustle course.

I’ll tell you about the course creators, why running FB ads is a legitimate side hustle, what’s in the course, and my overall review with pros and cons.

Who Created the Course?

Who created the FBSH course, and why should you care?

The Facebook Side Hustle is created by Mike Yanda and Bobby Hoyt.

Mike has run his own businesses and used Facebook ads to generate leads for them. He started running ads for other businesses and realized how lucrative it was. Now he runs his own marketing agency.

Bobby has built a very successful business blogging at Millennial Money Man. Early on he started using Facebook ads to drive traffic to his blog posts to increase his audience size.

These guys know what they’re talking about. But don’t just take it from me. You can learn more about Mike and Bobby at the Laptop Empires “About” page.

Is Managing Facebook Ads a Legit Side Hustle?

Every day, there are about 1.6 million active users on Facebook. Every month, there are over 2.4 BILLION active users. That’s a lot of opportunities for businesses of any size to reach their perfect audience.

Facebook has built targeted advertising and metrics into its ad platform, so you can reach a very specific audience with your message and know how your ad is performing. And it’s a relatively cheap way to get immediate feedback on your ad, your product, and your article or sales copy — depending on your goals.

One of the strongest uses for Facebook ads is remarketing or “retargeting”. This is where you can advertise to an audience who has already interacted with your ad or website. Retargeting is a cheaper way to get leads since you’re reaching out to “warm” traffic.

If that information sounds like a foreign language, that’s scratching the surface of the kind of stuff you’ll learn in the course.

How Much Money Can You Make Running Facebook Ads?

With billions of monthly users, you might be wondering how much money can you make running Facebook ads to generate leads for businesses. According to the course description, making $1,000-$2,000 monthly is reasonable from a single client.

The reason? You’re offering your clients tons of value by bringing them more clients. It comes down to return on investment or ROI.

In the private FB group, there are people who start making $1,000 to $2,000 in their first month of taking the course. They find their first clients quickly, and they’re off the races.

Many members have started making $5,000 or more. These people become members of the prestigious 5K Club. I don’t know if the 5K Club offers any other benefits than celebration and lots of respect — and maybe a bottle of bubbles — but maybe one day I’ll earn enough to tell you.

Facebook Side Hustle Course Review

My experience with the course has been overall great. But not easy. Let me start with the good.

  • In-demand skills
  • Vibrant, helpful community
  • Live training session
  • Constant updates


The course offers a ton of knowledge about in-demand skills that will help me earn more money now and in the future. Having more skills leads to earning more money. These include the technical skills of running ads and measuring their success as well as learning about sales and marketing.


The community is amazing. Bobby and Mike are active in the group, and they’ve hired ad specialists to help answer questions. But even the other group members offer amazing value through sharing information. There are a lot of questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask. And there are a ton of answers. Engagement is very high.

When you enroll in the course, you have the option to subscribe to the private FB group. (Your first month is free so you can get a feel for it.) I’ve gotten a lot of value out of just seeing what other people are asking and answering, and I’m happy to be in the group.

Training Sessions

The biggest benefit of being in the group is the access to amazing live training sessions with Mike, Bobby, and other successful students in the course. You can come with your specific questions and get an actionable response. To me, it’s a crazy high value. If you join the group, be sure to make it to the live training sessions if you can. Even if you can’t make it, you get to watch all the prior live training recordings.


The course is being updated constantly. The place I see the most updates is around the topic of acquiring your clients. Because everything really starts once you have a client, Bobby and Mike have put a lot of energy into making this part of the process as clear and simple as possible. Simple, but not easy.

What’s In the Course?

There are 9 modules that take you from asking “what’s an ad campaign?” to generating leads for your clients.

  1. The Basics. Covers the basics of the Facebook ads platform, how to create a strong ad, and how to generate leads for local businesses.
  2. The Funnel. Covers how to intrigue and capture leads. Also, this section outlines a very important concept called the Client Journey and how it relates to Facebook ads and lead gen.
  3. The Ad. This module covers selecting the right campaign objective, targeting your audience, and creating compelling ads using images and text copy.
  4. Facebook Assets. Module 4 covers the Facebook Pixel and using events to measure the success of your sales funnel.
  5. Walkthroughs. Offers step-by-step training for creating campaigns. You’ll want to take notes.
  6. Best Practices. Covers some great tips for finding and scaling your strongest ads while spending less money.
  7. Troubleshooting Your Ads. There is a limited number of issues you’ll face when running ads. This section is all about finding and fixing issues you may run into.
  8. Setting Yourself Up. You’ll learn how to set up your client’s FB pages and FB Business Manager to effectively run ads. This section also includes recommendations for some tools (free and paid) that will help make working with clients easier.
  9. Landing Your First Client. This is a huge section, and for good reason. Without clients, you don’t make money. Learning to find clients and get paid could be a course of its own, but Mike and Bobby keep adding more information to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

The course is very complete. There’s always more that you could know, but Mike and Bobby want to give you what you need to know to start moving right away.

The overall message is this: default to taking action. You’ll figure things out as you go.

The Good and The Bad

No course is perfect, but with the growing wealth of information and the awesome community, the FBSH course is pretty close.


Mike and Bobby are professionals. They know what they’re talking about. They’re very down-to-earth. They’re also very active in the group which is important to me. I’ve seen video responses Mike has filmed to get back to someone when he didn’t have the time to type out a message.

The community is great and continues to be a source of information and inspiration. Pretty much every day there is someone celebrating a new client or a pay increase. There is a lot of freely shared info.

The live training sessions are amazing value. The amount of money I’d be paying someone to answer a few questions would be insane, but I get that as part of my membership.

The skills I’m learning are in-demand. This includes the technical skills of running ads and generating leads as well as sales and marketing. No matter what you do in life, understanding how to sell and market yourself or your products and services is going to help you.


The only con I can list isn’t even a mark against the course — it’s that finding clients is not easy. I only started looking for clients in February — about a month ago — but I just have not put the amount of time necessary for finding clients. I work full-time and have some side projects (like this blog), so my “free” time is very limited, like everyone else.

I’ve made about 20 cold calls and sent dozens of emails and FB messages. I’ve reached out to family and friends. I’ve actually talked to 2 people I know about helping them get clients for their businesses.

Client acquisition is a place where I take full responsibility. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything more the FBSH course could provide me short of sending me clients.

Conclusion – Is the Facebook Side Hustle Course Worth It?

In short: yes. The course is solid from start to finish.

Remember that a huge amount of value comes from being in the FB group. I recommend joining the group at least until you figure out how to operate on your own. There’s just so much good information and helpful people.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Some people start making money immediately, but I think it’s normal to spend a couple of months figuring out how to reach and close your first client. It really just depends on you and how much time you’re willing to put into client acquisition.

If you want to learn more about how to start a side hustle running Facebook ads, check out the FB Side Hustle course.

If you’d like more ideas for side hustles with actionable steps, check out these 8 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Well.


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    • Hey, Andres. Thanks for asking! I’m in the process of on-boarding a client now. We’ll start running Facebook ads in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be updating this article soon.

  1. Hello, Thanks for the post. I’m curious though. If the client you start working with is paying you $1,000 /month to run the ads for them, are you using that same $1k to fund the ad’s? What is a typical net is this type of situation?

    • Your client is responsible for paying for the cost of the Facebook ads. They also pay you for your specialized knowledge, experience, and, ultimately, the results which make your client more money. In this case, you net the amount your client pays you minus taxes. Thanks for the question!

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