The Best Budgeting Apps for Couples

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If you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, spouse, or life partner, managing your money as a couple is important to reach your shared financial goals. Only 42% of adults budget and track their spending, and around 25% of people cite money as one of the primary reasons for a separation.

The best budgeting apps for couples can help you track your finances together. This collaboration will help you and your significant other get on the same page about money, and it creates opportunities to talk about money openly. You’ll be able to discuss your financial values and goals as well as your fears about not having enough or being over your head in debt.

Whether you’re trying to build up an emergency fund, save for a big event like a vacation or a wedding, or just get out of debt, financial tracking tools offer an amazing opportunity to take control of your finances. Knowing where your money is coming from and where it’s going is necessary for you to reach your financial goals.

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The Best Budgeting Apps for Couples

There are a lot of budgeting apps and financial tools available. But only a few of them are made specifically with couples in mind or offer the ability to share and collaborate.

The apps listed below make it easy to share information, set goals, create budgets, pay off debt, and track expenses as a couple.

Like all the best modern tracking tools, these apps connect with your financial accounts and link transactions and balances so you can view all of your information in one place. They also each provide bank-grade security.

Account linking, automated transaction imports, and high security are features of all modern budgeting tools. These days, these features are just an expectation, so they aren’t listed as special benefits.


Price: Free

Honeydue is a free personal finance tracking app created especially for couples. There are no monthly fees and no minimum balances. The interface is clean, simple, and easy to use.

With Honeydue, you can collaborate with your partner, track your shared accounts, and coordinate your bills. Honeydue even features a chat built into the app so you can keep track of your financial conversations or just send heart emojis to your sweetheart.

Some people prefer to keep at least some of their financial information private. With Honeydue, you get to decide what information your partner sees. For each account, you can choose whether to share both balances and transactions, balances only, or nothing at all from that account.

If you decide to fully share an account but you want to hide a single transaction — like a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present — you can do that.

Honeydue boasts collaboration and instant notification so couples know what’s going on with their joint money at all times. If you choose to use the Honeydue savings account, they provide access to your cash from over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and they work with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Honeydue also offers joint banking which requires joining a waitlist as of February 2020.

For a great overview of Honeydue, you may find this video by Dominique Henderson helpful.

The video highlights how easy it is to link your accounts and start tracking your finances as a couple. Dominique states one of the biggest benefits of Honeydue is that it easily increases financial transparency for a couple.

As a potential benefit, Dominique suggests that parents use a tool like Honeydue to open conversations about money with their children. It’s not Honeydue’s specific angle, but there’s nothing stopping you from using a tool creatively to solve a related need.


Price: Free 30-day trial, $59.99 annually per person (or $9.99/mo for a couple)

Honeyfi is a personal finance tracking app made for couples. Their stated goal is to “help couples save money, pay down debt, and get ahead.”

Honeyfi provides a single dashboard to track spending, set budgets, and view your transactions and upcoming bills. And they offer alerts and notifications to keep you updated on your joint spending.

Honeyfi automatically creates a suggested household budget based on your previous spending. They let you customize your budget categories to whatever makes sense for your finances, and you can even split transactions between multiple categories if necessary. If you’ve ever shopped for food and clothes at Target, but you have a single bill, you’ll appreciate the ability to manually split transactions between groceries and apparel.

Like Honeydue, you can choose which accounts and transactions to share with your partner, and you can add comments to transactions or add special tags for better insight into your transaction categories.

Honeyfi lets couples set shared savings goals and make individual contributions towards those goals. You should note that the funds you deposit for your Honeyfi goals are stored in an FDIC-insured account maintained by Honeyfi.

Tiller Money

Price: Free 30-day trial, $59 annually (or $4.99/mo for a couple)

Tiller Money offers a unique approach to financial tracking. Instead of offering an iPhone or Android app, they provide a tool that integrates with Google Sheets and Excel. Sharing account information and collaborating comes built into the Google Sheets and Excel platforms, and Tiller Money uses this to their advantage for your benefit.

Tiller Money – Foundation Template

Tiller knows that every couple is unique and wants to handle their money in a way that makes sense to them. Some people want to keep their accounts completely separate while others combine everything. Others have some combination of separate and joint accounts that works for them.

Keeping separate accounts while having joint goals and joint expenses is traditionally a difficult thing to track. But since Tiller Money uses spreadsheets — which are very flexible and customizable — tracking complex financial situations is easy.

Tiller Money lets you create a budget and categories that work for you as an individual or a couple. Since you can share your spreadsheets with anyone you choose, you and your partner can view your financial information anytime from any device that supports Google Sheets or Excel.

You can get started with a free 30-day trial to see if Tiller Money offers solutions that you love. If you want more information, I wrote a thorough Tiller Money review that covers my experiences (good and bad) using Tiller.

Tracking Finances as a Couple or Individual

Tracking your finances is one of the first steps to reaching your financial goals, whether that’s to create a budget, get out of debt, or reach financial freedom. Measuring your income and expenses puts you at a huge advantage and increases the likelihood you’ll reach your goals.

Tracking finances as a couple is even more important. You stand to gain even more benefits when you have two people working together with complete transparency. Managing money as a couple puts your relationship on solid financial footing.

Using one of the best budgeting apps for couples can help you achieve your shared goals. So whether you’re just getting started with tracking and you want to build an emergency fund or you’re saving money to travel together for the holidays, having in-depth knowledge or your transactions gives you a leg up.

If you’re interested in getting started as a couple, check out some apps that were made with you in mind:



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